St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’

Year 5

Friday 20th March 


Good morning year 5, 

Today's home learning is as follows: 


Paint a rainbow and place it in your front window. This will help spread a message of hope in our community - that after the storm there is something to look forward to. If you don't have any paint at home use crayons or felt tips. 



Go on TTRockstars. 

Go on My Maths and complete the mixed number and improper fractions task. Remember to go on the practice section first. 



Make sure you have completed your reciprocal reading sheet and read the next section of your guided reading text. 



Research Ollerton Coal Mine - Where was it? Why was it important to the local community? What is on the site of the mine now? What impact has this had on the local community? 


Thank you,

Mrs Marriott




Thursday 19th March


Today's home learning is as follows:



In your maths home learning pack, you will find a sheet converting mixed numbers into improper fractions.

Steps to success:
Step 1 – Multiply the whole number by the denominator.
Step 2 – Add the numerator.
Step 3 – Write your fraction as an improper fraction. Remember to keep the denominator the same.



Following yesterday’s English work, use quantifying determiners and your knowledge of the miners’ strike to write a report. Check that you have used capital letters and full stops.



Our Word of the Week this week is Mercy. 

Please watch the Word of the Week video for this week and rewrite the mission. How could we live out the mission of this piece of scripture. Give reasons for your choices. 


Thank you, Mrs Marriott

Firedamp and Davy Lamps Home Learning

Wednesday 18th March 2020


Please refer to Marvellous Me for today’s home learning tasks for those who are unable to attend school.


Remember that children can access a number of websites at home to support their learning. These include:

My Maths

Times Table Rockstars

Bug Club

Renaissance Read


Children should have copies of their usernames and passwords in their homework books or book bags.


Thank you,
Mrs Marriott