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To find out about the curriculum at St Joseph’s follow the links below. Click on the topic titles for more information about the learning in each class. Our Leader for Curriculum Development – Mrs Sinead Broad can also be contacted in school.


Take a look at our curriculum and the other enrichment opportunities we provide:

Each week, most classes have a specialist music session involving varying instruments and a German lesson. We also offer small group instrumental lessons for as little as £3 per week. School also employ an ICT specialist who teaches computer skills to students across school.

Early Years Curriculum
Nursery Curriculum Topics.

Foundation 1




Autumn 1

Why do leaves go crispy?

A woodland walk.

Autumn Threads – Making woodland hangings.

Making a tasty colourful harvest soup. Invite SLT

Autumn 2

Is it Shiny

A shiny treasure hunt.

Making sparkly twinkle lamps.

Display twinkle lamps- Invite parents.

Spring 1

Where does snow go?

Winter spotting sheet- a walk on a cold day.

Creating different flavoured ice lollies.

Snowstorms – dance.

Share the video across school.

Spring 2

What is a shadow

A shadow puppet theatre visit.

Go on a shadow hunt.

Visit church to look at the stain glass window – Create our own stain glass windows.

Create a presentation based on Innovate stage- Memories.

Share with parents.

Summer 1

Why is water wet.

Visit a local swimming pool/ local water park.

Bubble blowers



Testing do umbrellas keep us dry.

Decorate umbrellas.

Water water everywhere!  Transferring water using containers from one place to another. Invite EY Governor

Summer 2

How many pebbles on a beach?

Visit the coast.

Create a sea shore in our setting.

The ice cream shop.

How many pebbles?

Responding imaginatively to beach pebbles.

All join in-

Sing a seashore themed song- The waves on the beach go splash splash splash…  Video and share across tapestry.

Sally Jordan

Reserve topic if no snow! OR unable to go to the beach, How many colours in the rainbow

The School uses the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme. The Big Cats Reading scheme is used and complemented by Rigby Rocket Guided Reading materials at KS1. Book Banding runs throughout the school and is supported by the Project X scheme at KS2.


At St.Joseph’s we teach the National Curriculum, a copy of which can be found here