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Year 3

Happy Easter!


Wow! I can't believe how quickly this school year has gone as we enter our final term together. We have got lots of exciting learning to be doing this term. We will be wrapping up our Tremors topic and then in the first half term, we will be doing our Gods & Mortals topic where we will learn all about Ancient Greece. In science, we will be learning all about the body and skeletons as well as what consists of a healthy balanced diet. Our R.E topics will be made up of 'Energy', 'Choices' and our 'Special Places' CAFOD topic. As well as this, we will be having our multi-faith week. What's really exciting is that Forest Schools is back and will be taking place on a Friday morning for the first half term.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


We hope that you have had a good rest over the festive period and are looking forward to returning to school. This lent term, we will be finishing our Tribal Tales topic and moving onto our Tremors topic. In science, we will be learning about forces and magnets and rocks. Our R.E topics will include; Journeys, Listening & Sharing and Giving All. 

Welcome back Year 3

This advent term we have lots of exciting learning taking place, starting with our amazing Flow topic, investigating plants and how they grow in our science topic, exploring homes and what makes a happy home in RE and recreating Monet's waterlilies painting in art. 


See the tabs below to find pictures, work and homework for each of the subjects we will be covering.


Miss McLeod and Miss Howard

Year 3 long term plan

Forest Schools