St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’

Week Beginning 16.11.20

For those children who have returned their consent forms, Teams meetings will start on Thursday morning. For home learning, see below.


Friday 20th November 2020

Today we are starting to learn about the correct order of operations (BODMAS or BIDMAS). Please see the worksheet below. 


Guided reading:
Find the correct questions for your book below and answer them.


Conduct some research about the Inuits. Can you organise your facts using these subheadings?



Thursday 19th November 2020

RE: Write a diary entry about the experience of Yom Kippur in Judaism. You may want to complete some research to help and I have included a short example below. 


Maths: See below. Pick the task which challenges you. 


Literacy: Finish off your newspaper report, writing the summary and warning today. 


Topic: Research which countries are in the Arctic circle. Then choose two of these countries to find out more about. Conduct some research about the people who live there.

Wednesday 18th November 2020

For today's home learning, can you complete the tasks below?


Maths: Find the common factors and multiples of the numbers on the sheet. Complete some internet research to help you if you need some examples!


Literacy: We have begun to write our independent newspaper reports. We will be on the fourth row of the boxing up grid tomorrow. You could start from the beginning though! Choose a topic which is interesting to you, plan it, then write it up! I have also uploaded our shared write from last week which you can magpie from.


Science: In school, we will be investigating how to classify each other into groups, depending on our characteristics. You could have a go at home, sorting family members or objects from around your house into different categories. I will add a picture as an example below.


German: Mrs Stanton will be teaching German in school. You could use the internet to translate some of your own sentences as practice.