St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’

Week 5 - w/c 1st Feb

All documents required for the lessons are available via Microsoft Teams. Please get in touch if you require the PDF version via the website.


Monday 1st February 2021


Maths (live) 9am

Music (live) 10am

Phonics (live) 11am

Independent Activity 1pm

RE (live) 2pm


Tuesday 2nd February 2021


Phonics (live) 9am

Maths (live) 10am

Independent Activity 11am

PE (live) 1pm

English (live) 2pm


Wednesday 3rd February 2021


Maths (live) 9am

English (live) 10am

Independent Activity 11am

Topic (live) 1pm

Science (live) 2pm


Thursday 4th February 2021


Maths (live) 9am

Phonics (live) 10am

Independent Activity 11am

Afternoon - Wellbeing activities


Friday 5th February 2021


Maths (live) 9am

Independent Activity 10am

English (live) 11am

RE (live) 1pm

Liturgy (live)