St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’

Week 3 15.06.20

Good Morning Year 6,


I hope you have had a lovely weekend, especially as the sun surprised us and made an appearance! This week's home learning follows on from last week and is set in the same style. Complete a few tasks a day, keeping the momentum of home learning going. Follow the instructions on the home learning sheet and any additional worksheets will be under the subject tab below. 


I look forward to seeing all your excellent home learning pictures!


***Photo Challenge***

Remember to send a photograph of yourself in your school uniform to the home learning email and an additional silly pose picture too. This will make our class photographs this year, so send them in quickly, we don't want anyone missing!




Below I have attached at copy of the school prayer. Please can you ask a parent to video you reading one line of the school prayer and send this to the home learning email too. All will be revealed. It would be great if everyone got involved. 


Take care,

Mrs Waring



School Prayer

This is our school,

May our school be full of joy,

Let love dwell here among us.

Love of one another,

Love of all people,

And love of life itself.

As many hands make a house,

So many hearts make St Joseph's a lovely place to be.