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Week 2 Super Star Home-Learner Photos

Friday's Super Star Home Learners! You have worked so hard Owls class, and we are so proud of how hard you are all working at home with your amazing teachers. You are all Fantastic!

Great home-learning Alfie!
Alfie well done for all your hard work!
Great phonics Alfie
Alfie super colouring
Alfie working hard during Literacy
Enzo-Lee great phonics  work!
Lots of super work Enzo-Lee!
Enzo-Lee's extra maths work!
Enzo-Lee's mile run. Keeping very fit!
Evie working hard with her fairy tale quiz
Great writing Evie lovely work!
Super phonics Evie!
Looks great Evie working very hard!
Great funky fingers Evie cutting her pictures.
Imaginative play looks like great fun Evie!
Evie's extra work! great home learning!
Evie's RE lesson, lots of great learning!
Evie working very hard on today's task.
Evie that is so kind thinking of others!
Hannah writing her sentences in today's task!
Hannah finding cvc words in her word-search!
Great concentrating hannah!
Hannah worked really hard in literacy today!
Love this picture Hannah and Anthony!
Great art today Hannah and Anthony!
Evie's maths lesson, Super mathematics!
Jaxson working hard with his letters and sounds!
Working very hard Jaxson!
Looks great Jaxson lots of hard work writing!
Jaxson playing a phonics game, Amazing!!
Jaxson, lovely writing, great literacy work!
Jaxson hard at work!
Hope you all joined in with Joe Wicks today!
Oliwia nad her sisters PE session
Great PE Oliwia looks great fun!
Oliwia keeping fit. Great job!
Oliwia and her sister working out with Joe Wicks
Lovely sentence work Sebastian this is super!
Sebastian's extra maths work super!
Sebastian lots of great maths happening!
Wow Sebastian you have been working hard!
Great maths Sebastian!
Lots of fabulous learning Sebastian!
Sebastians maths work. Great!
Lots of great work Sebastian well done!

Thursday's fantastic Home-Learners! So proud of all your hard work, you are all doing a great job and learning so much from your super new teachers!!

Lily Mae working so hard on bug club and jigsaws!
Great writing during your phonics lesson
Today's phonics task amazing Alfie!
well done for all your hard work Alfie!
Enzo-lee exercising  in his garden!
Enzo following his training regime for football
Fabulous map Hannah super work!
Hannah working hard during her phonics work!
Lots of super writing I can see Hannah!
Brilliant Hannah! you should be very proud!
Hannah's RE lesson The Easter story, Fantastic!
Great exercising Hannah and Anthony GoNoodle!!
Hayden that is an amazing score and time fabulous!
Robyn great question for our Quiz
Great maths work Sebastian!
Oliwia reading brilliantly on bug club!
Oliwia working hard with her sister
Lovely drawing Oliwia!!
Oliwia working ordering her numbers amazing!
Great Mathematics!!
Working out with Joe Wicks Great work girls!
Having fun keeping fit Great Oliwia!
April fools photo!
Made me smile Oliwia!
Working hard exercising Oliwia
Oliwia and her sister exercising Great job!
Super girls!!
Oliwia learning lots at home!
Great maths Sebastian very impressed!
super learning Sebastian!
Great concentrating Sebastian!
Wow lots of learning Sebastian!
Great Job Sebastian!
Lovely phonics work Sebastian!
Today's task great work Sebastian!
Working very hard Sebastian!
Super painting Tommy of Mario!
Tommy and his brothers Painting session great!

Wednesday's Home-Learning Super Stars. What hard workers you all are, and most of all you are having fun learning. Well done Owls, your teachers are very proud of you!!!

Super 3D maths work Lucas
Working very hard with 3D shape work Lucas, super!
Great writing Lucas!
Lucas Fairy tale quiz, Lovely writing!
Great phonics work Lucas!
Great drawing, Lucas!
Lots of great drawing and writing Lucas!
Great phonics Lucas working super hard!
Great phonics work Alfie!
Great maths Alfie, you are working very hard!
Kindness from friends
Great funky fingers, lovely colouring Elijah!
Elijah on maths factor! Amazing!
Elijah learning all about mathematics!
Elijah's tuck shop! Great idea I need one of these
Enzo-Lee's great phonics work!
Great Letters and sounds work Enzo-Lee
Enzo-Lee working very hard with his phonics work
Super idea Enzo-Lee lots of learning!
Enzo-Lee learning mathematics Amazing!
Hannah working hard with her mathematics, great!
Hannah hard at work with her phonics!
Great maths challenge today Hannah and Anthony!
Excellent maths and phonics Hannah!
Lots of great writing Jaxson!
Jaxson working very hard with his maths lesson
Great Numeracy work Jaxson!
Jaxson well done some great work!
Well done for all your hard work Jaxson!
Sebastian they are amazing! Super maths!!!!
Wonderful Maths Sebastian!!
Todays maths challenge well done Sebastian!
Sebastian working hard with phonics!
Well done Sebastian learning lots!!
Some great phonics Sebastian!
Beautiful writing during your phonics Sebastian!
Lots of hard work Sebastian well done!
Hannah watching Geraldine Giraffe
Excellent listening Hannah!
Your handwriting is very neat Hannah!
Hannah hard at work during her phonics lesson

Tuesday's Superstar Home-Learners! We are so proud of how hard you are working Owls!!

We love your butterfly Elijah!
Super letters and sounds work Alfie!
Sebastian working hard with his maths Challenge!
Great writing Alfie!
Super Maths Alfie!
Love this Elijah!
Lots of fun learning Elijah!
Great Butterfly Elijah!
Great reading and writing Elijah!
Elijah's science Tots Experiment!
Elijah making rainbow pasta for dinner, yum!
Lots of super phonics Sebastian!
Great writing Sebastian!
Great Funky fingers cutting Elijah!
Sebastian great reading and writing in today's task
Working very hard Sebastian!
Great work Sebastian. Well done!
Super Letters and sounds, Sebastian!
Working very hard Sebastian!
Sebastian's 2D shape hunt!
Elijah's ordering his numbers 1-20
Great mathematics Sebastian!
Amazing Maths Hayden!! Love it!
Great 2D shape hunt work Hayden!
Hayden Working hard with his writing!
Amazing writing Hayden!
Hayden working hard on his fairy tale quiz
Hayden great maths!

Monday's super stars!

 Lily-Mae learning about gravity! super!
Lily-Mae science experiment
Isaac counted 75 Rainbows on his walk!
fantastic 'ai' phonics work Elijah!
Elijah amazing number work! Great drawing!
working very hard Elijah!
Elijah working hard during his ICT lesson.
Excellent question for our quiz Elijah!
Thank you so much Enzo-Lee really made us smile!
Hannah working hard with her tasks for today!
Great Writing Hannah!
Lovely handwriting Hannah!
Hannah during her ICT lesson
Hayden's super RE Work! Great work!
Enzo-Lee's lovely  prayer.
Hayden's super phonics work
Lovely colouring Hayden. Great phonics!
Excellent letters and Sounds Hayden!
Super 'ure' pirate hat great job Hayden!
Lots of hard work Hayden!
Martynas great number work!
Hannah thank you so much for our cards love them!
Isaac's super Den making skills
Isaac loved playing in his Den!
Isaac working hard during number time.
Great counting and ordering Isaac!
Isaac working hard with his bingo reads!
Isaac's very special card for his uncle
Martynas hard at work during phonics
Martynas great work!
Lots of good work Martynas!
Super phonics Martynas!
Martynas ordering his number 1-20
Great 'ai work from your task today Tommy!
Lily working hard with her er digraph
Looks lots of fun Lily!
Wonderful writing Lily!