St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’

Week 1: 16th March - 20th March 2020

Friday 20th March 2020


Good morning!


Today, please complete the numeracy Friday challenge in your exercise book (linked below). Additionally, test your spellings from last week's homework. 

As well as this, can you research the type of armour and weapons that the Roman army used to use? This will come in handy for next week's learning. 

Lastly, have a work out! YouTube 'Joe Wicks' and you'll find lots of fun exercises on there to watch and copy. 


I will update via Marvellous Me later on with guided reading information for next week's reading comprehension questions.


Keep up your hard work!

Miss Wallis.

Friday Maths Challenge!

Thursday 19th March 2020


For today's home learning, please can you use Times Table Rock Stars to practise your times tables? You should have a challenge from me and maybe some other children too. Can you beat me?!


As well as this, for your science learning, can you research how toothpaste works to protect your teeth? If you would like to complete an investigation to go alongside this, see below:


- Take two eggs.

- Cover one egg in toothpaste.

- Leave the other egg bare.

- Leave the toothpaste egg overnight.

- Submerge both eggs in vinegar and watch what happens over a day!

(Helpful tip: egg shells are made of a similar calcium to the enamel on our teeth!)


Lastly, please make sure that you are still making a big effort to read every day!

Wednesday 18th March 2020


 Please see Marvellous Me for today's home learning task for those who are unable to attend school. 


Thank you,

Miss Wallis.