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Wednesday 11th November 2020

Wednesday 11th November 2020


Home Learning for today:


Liturgy: To begin the day we are thinking about our word of the week which is Remembrance. For your liturgy at home, follow the link below and share the act of worship at home.


Maths: Today's Math we are looking at solving problems involving addition. Use your knowledge of addition with exchanges to fill in the missing gaps of the additions. Remember to check. The answers are attached to this sheet - don't peek until the end!


Literacy: Using the boxing up grid from yesterday. Write the second paragraph of your letter using linking adverbs. See the support sheet attached to this post to support your use of linking adverbs. 


Topic: Topic today is research. We are looking at Captain Cooks journey and discovery of America. Research the journey that he made and plot on the map. Identify any Native American tribes that he came across on the way.


Enjoy your day,


Mrs Waring.