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Summer 1 Home-Learning Photos

Monday 25th May Fantastic work Hayden, you have completed some excellent work today.

Friday 22nd May: Lots of hard work, Amazing!!

Great work Hannah!
Hannah's excellent habitat work!
Excellent topic work Hannah!
Hannah doing her high impact exercises, excellent!
Great exercising Hannah outdoors. Looks fun!
Great spelling practice Hannah!
Lovely writing Hannah!
Super literacy Hannah!
Excellent reading Hannah!
What a beautiful colouring Hannah!
Excellent handwriting Hayden!
Great topic work Hayden!
Great handwriting Hayden!
Wow great work Hayden!
Excellent practice Hayden!
Super y Hayden!
Great work with tricky letter g Hayden!
Hayden excellent science well done!
Fabulous reading Hayden, great sentence work!
Beautiful writing Hayden!
Excellent science Hayden, Great job!
Lots of  hard work Hayden, Great home-learning!

Thursday 21st May: Amazing work and beautiful writing Owls.

Great reading Elijah!
Excellent spelling Elijah, great score!
Elijah's amazing writing today in phonics!
Wow Hannah I love your label. Great topic work!
Great reading Hannah!
Super spelling practice Hannah!
Great tricky word work!
Excellent topic work Hannah!
Hannah working hard in her phonics lesson!
Great reading Hayden!
Excellent handwriting Hayden!
Lots of great handwriting Hayden!
Great writing Hayden!
So much great work Hayden!
Amazing sentence work Hayden!
lovely writing Hayden!
Excellent phonics Hayden!
Hayden's amazing writing in his phonics lesson!
Wow fantastic Hayden, great spellings!
Hayden's great writing in his topic work today!
Hayden great job, and great colouring!

Wednesday 20th May: You are all working so hard with your Home-learning tasks, we are all very impressed!

Excellent phonics Enzo-Lee
Beautiful writing Enzo-Lee well done!
Excellent phonics practice Enzo-Lee!
Great sentence work Lucas!
Wow Lucas excellent phonics Lucas!
Super work Lucas!
Super literacy work Lucas!
Great phonics Lucas!
Super reading Lucas!
lots of great work Lucas!
Great reading work Elijah!
Great spelling work Elijah!
Wow Elijah excellent spellings!
Excellent reading Elijah!
Fantastic Spellings Elijah!
Excellent score Elijah!
Elijah's amazing story map!
Excellent sentence work Elijah!
Lots of great phonics Elijah!
Amazing Elijah this is great!
Enzo-Lee excellent maths!
Enzo-Lee great number work!
Great mathematics Enzo-Lee!
Beautiful writing and excellent spelling Enzo-Lee!
Great doubling work Enzo-Lee!
Wow lots of great maths Enzo-Lee!
Excellent handwriting Hayden!
Great spelling work Hayden, lovely writing!
Fantastic maths Hayden!
Great letter practice Hayden!
Great spelling work Hayden!
Great sentence work Hayden!
Great phonics work Hayden!
Amazing reading Hayden!
Wow  great work Hayden!
Super number work Hayden!
Great reading Hayden!
Amazing RE Hayden this is great!
Hayden's good deeds each day for RE!
Great RE Hayden!
Hayden excellent letters and Sounds!
Hayden's fantastic story map!
Excellent handwriting Hayden!
Lots of great handwriting Hayden!
Excellent handwriting practice Hayden!
Lots of great learning Hayden!
Amazing maths Hayden!
Lovely sentence work Hayden!
Super sentence work Hayden!
lovely writing Hayden!
Hayden's amazing Ramadan moon and star mobile
Hayden your Ramadan mobile looks great!
Lots of great writing Hayden!
Lots of amazing home Learning Hayden!
Lucas your minibeast is great!
I love this art work Lucas!
Beautiful butterfly Lucas!
Lucas's amazing caterpillar!

Tuesday 19th May: You are all amazing!

Oliwia working hard with her sister!
Excellent number work Oliwia!
Lovely number formation Oliwia!
I really like your butterfly Oliwia!
Well done Oliwia working very hard!
Tommy great phonics writing practice!
Excellent counting Elijah!
Wow great spellings Elijah!
Elijah practicing halving work, super!
Great tricky word work Elijah!
Lots of super reading Elijah!
Great number sentence work Elijah!
Excellent sentence work Hayden!
Great counting work Hayden!
Lots of super writing Hayden!
Great maths work Hayden!
some excellent number work today Hayden!
wow super spellings Hayden!
Hayden's amazing writing after his phonics lesson!
Hayden great sentence work!
Really pleased Hayden!
Oliwia's amazing writing after her phonics lesson!
Lots of super learning Oliwia!
Great writing Oliwia!

Monday 18th May, You are working so hard Owls.

Excellent RE Lucas!
Amazing wanted poster Lucas!
Super halving Lucas!
Great mathematics work Lucas!
lots of great Mathematics Lucas!
Great halving work Lucas!
Great book review Lucas this is great!
Fantastic phonics Lucas!
Amazing phonics Lucas!
super reading Lucas!
Fabulous number work Lucas!
Great halving work Lucas!
Super maths Lucas!
Lucas working hard with halving!
Super completing your doubling work Lucas
Excellent writing Lucas really pleased!
Excellent phonics Enzo-Lee!
Fantastic colouring Enzo-Lee, great work!
Great mathematics Enzo-Lee!
Fanatstic reading Enzo-Lee!
Lots of super maths Enzo-Lee!
Great number work Enzo-Lee!
Great phonics Enzo-Lee!
Lucas on his topic bug hunt!
Wow great halving maths work  Lucas!
Lucas working hard with halving numbers!
Wow Lucas has found so many bugs! Great!
Beautiful writing Robyn!
Excellent phonics Robyn!
Robyn's fantastic halving maths work!
Roby's fabulous butterfly life cycle!
Amazing RE work Robyn great learning!
Robyn great halving activity, super ducks!!
Lots of halving work Robyn, super job!
Lovely work Robyn, well done!
Excellent phonics Elijah!
Elijahs beautiful colouring and phonics!
Excellent reading task work Elijah!
This is great Shape work Elijah!
Elijah's sweet he created super writing!
Excellent busy spider maths Elijah!
Amazing RE Ramadan lantern Hayden!
Super maths Hayden!
Excellent problem solving Hayden!
Excellent 'ure' spelling work Hayden!
Great mathematics Hayden!
Super reading Hayden!
Great handwriting Hayden!
Excellent reading Hayden!
Love your butterfly Hayden amazing!

Friday 15th May: You are amazing Owls. We are so proud of all your hard work this week and miss you all very much!

Alfie having water play fun!
Excellent Alfie has been mixing colours!
Great investigating Alfie!
This looks like fun Alfie!
Alfie finding objects that float and sink
Great science Alfie!
Alfie talking about capacity full and empty, Super
Great halving work in your maths lesson Hannah
Lots of great reading this week Hannah!
Hannah working reading on bug club!
Great sentence work Hannah!
beautiful writing Hannah!
Excellent handwriting Hayden!
Amazing halving work in mathematics Hayden!
Hayden this is great maths!
Wow Hayden, great maths work!
Super work with halving Hayden! very happy!
super phonics Hayden!
Excellent phonics practice Hayden!
Hayden's letters and sound lesson today!
Beautiful writing Hayden!
Wow what an amazing Butterfly Life cycle Hayden!
great phonics practice Hayden!
What a lovely idea Isaac!
Looks great fun Isaac!
What a lovely gesture Isaac!
These are lovely Issac to keep forever!
what a great display Isaac!
This is a wonderful idea Isaac! well done!

Thursday 14th May: So much amazing home-learning Owls. You are super star home -learners

Excellent Newspaper report Hayden
Great phonics practice Hayden!
Super handwriting Hayden!
Excellent sentence work Hayden!
Wow great halving work in maths Hayden!
what a great mathematician Hayden!
super maths sentences Hayden!
Excellent Letters and sounds Hayden!
Very good work Hayden!
Amazing reading Hayden!
Great writing Robyn!
Lovely writing Robyn!
Excellent work Robyn!
Super phonics practice Robyn!
Great phonics Robyn!
Great work Robyn!
Excellent writing Robyn!
Excellent work Robyn!
Excellent spellings Robyn!
Great maths Robyn!
Amazing number work Robyn!
Working very hard Robyn!
Super mathematics Robyn!
Excellent sentence work Robyn!
Lovely telescope Robyn!
Great learning Robyn!
Super phonics Robyn!
Lots of great phonics Robyn!
Excellent work Hannah!
Fantastic number work Hannah!
Super maths work Hannah!
Lots of great maths work Hannah!

Wednesday 13th May, wow another day of amazing home learning Owls. You are making us smile everyday, really proud of you and we miss you lots!

Alfie working hard with phonics
Great phonics Alfie!
excellent reading Alfie!
Great colouring Alfie!
super tracing Alfie!
your cakes Alfie look yummy!
Super number sentences Alfie!
great phonics work Alfie!
Great phonics Alfie!!
Super reading Alfie!
Hannah excellent reading!
Amazing maths Hannah!
Hannah working hard with her reading!
Excellent sentence work Hayden!
Great maths work Hayden!
Great maths Hayden!
Hayden excellent halving work!
Hayden great reading today!
Great phonics Hayden!
Super letters and sounds Hayden!
Amazing book review Hayden!
Amazing Book review Oliwia!
Great name writing Sebastian!
Sebastian Excellent RE work!
Great  reading Hayden!
Excellent halving work Sebastian!
Great reading Sebastian!
Excellent writing Sebastian!
Great phonics Sebastian!
Super mathematics Sebastian!
Excellent halving work Sebastian!
Sebastian excellent spelling work!
Great phonics work Sebastian!
Lots of great reading Sebastian!
Fantastic maths Sebastian!
Amazing halving work Sebastian!
Great reading Sebastian!
wonderful handwriting Sebastian!
Lots of great phonics work Sebastian!
Great writing and pencil grip Sebastian!
Great phonics work Sebastian!
great sentence work Sebastian!
Great gardening Sebastian!
Sebastian's great handwriting!
great handwriting Sebastian!
Great phonics Sebastian!
Sebastian caring for his plants, great job!
super halving work Sebastian!
Great reading in phonics Sebastian!

Tuesday 12th May: Our super Star Learners, Excellent RE work everyone I am very impressed with your hard work and we are all so very proud of you!

Excellent halving activity Hannah!
Great writing Hannah!
Hannah learning about Pentecost Amazing!!
This is super Hannah well done!
Excellent reading your phonic words Hannah
Great work with your letters Hannah!
Excellent number work Hannah!
wow super halving your numbers Hannah!
Super mathematics today Hannah!
Fantastic writingHayden!
Hayden excellent RE work!!
This is great Hayden, super learning!
Fabulous work in RE Hayden great job!
Excellent number sentence work Hayden!
Great phonics Hayden!!
Working very hard Hayden!!
Excellent halving your numbers Hayden!
Really great maths Hayden!
You have worked so hard Hayden Super!
Excellent phonics Hayden great reading!
great job Hayden !
excellent reading Hayden!!
Great letters and sounds Hayden!
Lots of great phonics Hayden!
Super sentence writing Hayden, lovely!
This is a great butterfly life cycle Hayden!
Excellent phonics Lily great work!!
Super learning Oliwia about topic!
What a super butterfly life cycle Oliwia!
well done Oliwia!
Great Halving work Oliwia super maths!!
Excellent halving your numbers Oliwia!
Lots of great learning Oliwia!
Working very hard with maths Oliwia!!
Great handwriting practice Oliwia!
Great writing Oliwia!
super work and great writing grip too Oliwia!
Oliwia learning about the butterfly life cycle!

Monday 11th May 2020: Working Extremely hard today Owls, what hard workers you all are.

Excellent maths Enzo-Lee
Super problem solving Enzo-Lee
Excellent mathematics Enzo-Lee
Super number bond work Enzo-Lee
What a beautiful picture Enzo-Lee
Fantastic writing Enzo-lee and great picture!
Super number sentences Enzo-Lee
Excellent maths Enzo-Lee!
Hannah excellent funky fingers!!
Incredible butterfly life cycle Hannah!
Excellent phonics Hannah!
Well done Hannah super listening!!
Very creative Hannah this is great!!

Friday 8th May Bank holiday VE day 75th Anniversary celebrations and our Home Learning. Looks like you have had a great day everyone, food looks amazing!!

Hayden's VE day picnic looks Amazing!!
Hayden made his own bunting
Your bunting looks great Hayden!
What an excellent flag you made Hayden!
Great work Hayden Looks fantastic!!
What an incredible flag Hayden!!
Lily-mae your picnic is amazing!!
Enzo-Lees working hard with number bonds
Excellent maths Enzo-Lee
Excellent counting in maths Enzo-Lee
Great number problem work Enzo-Lee
Wow lots of number work Enzo-Lee great job!!
Enzo-Lee working hard with number problems!
Super maths Enzo-Lee
Lots of hard work in maths Enzo-Lee
Great solving mathematica problems Enzo-Lee
Lots of super learning Enzo-Lee
Excellent number bond work Enzo-Lee
Great job with number bonds Enzo-Lee!

Lucas's amazing bug hunt

Still image for this video
Lucas and his family finding lots of bugs on their minibeast hunt, fantastic science Lucas. Thank you!

Lucas on his mini beast hunt!

Still image for this video
Wow Lucas you have found so many bugs on your mini beast hunt!!

Lucas on his bike ride

Still image for this video
You look like your having so much fun during your daily exercise Lucas!

Lucas's science activity

Still image for this video
Lucas made a boat and then he did a very important thing he tested it in the water!! Really love your boat.

Thursday 7th May Wow look at all the fantastic learning happening in Owls!! So proud of you all!!

Great counting Alfie!
Super counting practice Alfie!
Excellent mathematics Alfie!
Great addition work Alfie!
Great reading and matching Alfie!
Super Reading Alfie great work!
Excellent spelling practice Alfie!
Super letter formation Alfie!
Great maths addition work Alfie!
Great phonics Alfie!
Lovely tracing work Alfie!
Great maths Alfie, amazing counting!
Alfie great number ordering!
Fantastic Alfie great work!!
Great addition work Alfie!
Excellent spelling Elijah!
Amazing Elijah excellent doubling work today!
Elijah keeping healthy!
Elijah exercising and having fun!
Super writing Elijah, wow!!
This looks fun Elijah!!
Hannah reading in the sunshine, great!!
Super gymnastics Hannah!
Wow excellent exercising Hannah!
Hannah enjoying her bike ride!
Hannah working hard with her writing!
Super learning Hannah!
Great baking Hayden!
Excellent Hayden star baker!!
Hayden excellent helping with baking!
Hayden chopping excellent funky fingers!!
Very careful pouring Hayden!
Hayden's Shopping list for his VE day picnic!
Excellent letter formation Hayden!
What an amazing picnic you will have Hayden!
Fantastic writing Hayden!!
Wow super phonics and spellings Hayden!!
Excellent doubling work Hayden!
Great subtraction work Hayden!
Excellent phonics work Hayden!
Excellent letters and sounds work Hayden!
Your scones look amazing Hayden!!
Lily painting with her little sister, lots of fun!
Lily practicing her digraphs and trigraphs, super!
Excellent work Lily great reading!
Super reading activity Lily!
Excellent reading and super writing grip Lily!
Wow Isaac what an amazing globe!
Isaac's writing mat amazing!!
Excellent writing Isaac and super writing grip!!
Excellent maths Isaac well done!
Amazing work Isaac great job!
Isaac hard at work writing super!
Lots of super writing Isaac!
Isaac learning about different countries excellent
Isaac helping daddy in the garden today!
Hayden excellent science!!
Fantastic learning Lucas!!
What an amazing boat Lucas!!
Great floating and sinking Lucas!!
Great writing Lucas
Excellent work Lucas!
This is fantastic work Lucas!
Super mathematics Lucas!
Amazing writing Lucas!!
Super work Lucas!!
Great phonics and spellings!
Great doubling work Lucas!
Really good work Lucas!
Super mathematics Lucas!!
Super phonics work Lucas!!
What amazing maths work Lucas!
Beautiful writing excellent Lucas!!
Lucas and his family on their bike ride

Wednesday 6th May: Our amazing hard workers in Owls class

Hayden's VE day writing activity! Great writing!
Hayden's great Letter formation work!
Hayden's subtraction work!
Hayden hard at work with his spellings
Excellent phonics Hayden
Hayden doubling numbers!
Wow Hayden excellent doubling!
Great number story for doubling Hayden!
Super maths work Hayden!
Hayden excellent work!
Hayden what amazing work!
Excellent Maths Hayden!
Great egg drawing too Hayden!
What a busy bee you have been Hayden well done!
Excellent spellings Hayden!
Great pencil grip Hayden! fantastic!
Excellent number stories Hayden!
Home learning in the sunshine!!
Excellent work Hayden!!
What beautiful colouring Hayden!
What a lovely VE day flag! Really impressed Hayden
What a hard worker you are Hayden!
Excellent writing with your sound hunt work Elijah
Super doubling work Elijah Excellent!
Hannah doing some super reading!!
Hannah spelling her tricky words great job!
Hannah working hard doubling the dinosaur eggs!
Hannah having fun in the sunshine
Great ladybird doubling work Hannah!
Amazing sound hunt writing Hannah!
Hannah getting lots of exercise!! Fantastic!!

Tuesday 5th May: Your work is fantastic Owls. You are amazing!!

Super doubling work Elijah!!
Lovely handwriting and sentence work Elijah!
Great phonics work Elijah, amazing!
Great subtraction work Hayden!
Excellent spelling work Hayden!
Super handwriting practice Hayden!
Excellent tricky word work Hayden!
Working very hard Hayden well done!
Very good reading Hayden!
Lots of super phonics work Hayden!
Great mathematics Hayden!
Excellent sound hunt work Hayden this is super!
Great tricky word work Hayden!
Very good reading Hayden!
Hayden Excellent  doubling work!
Fantastic amazing mathematics Hayden!
Great job Hayden!
Hayden your VE day work is wonderful!
Hayden rationing for the day!!
Super doubling work Sebastian!!
That looks delicious Sebastian!
Great maths and super writing Sebastian!
Great doubling to 20 Sebastian!
Fantastic phonics work Sebastian!
Some excellent work Sebastian!!
Sebastian's yummy horse biscuit!!
Excellent phonics Sebastian great work!

Monday 4th May: Our super star Home-Learners, you are working so hard!!

Excellent practise writing your name Alfie!
Super addition work Alfie!
Great number work Alfie!
Super tracing Alfie!
Great tracing pattern work Alfie!
Great letter formation Alfie!
Lovely letter formation Alfie!
Some great number work today Alfie!
Lily-Mae working hard with her maths and literacy
Excellent spelling work today Hayden!
Great doubling work Hayden!
Super start to your VE day activities Hayden
Great tricky word work Hayden!
Super spelling work Hayden!
Excellent writing and super writing grip Hayden!
Excellent maths Hayden!
Lovely writing Hayden!
Fantastic trick word work Hayden!
Some excellent work Hayden!
Great number sums Hayden!
Excellent letter formation Hayden!
Great maths work Hayden!
Fantastic phonics Hayden!

Friday 1st May: Another week complete. You have worked incredibly hard Owls. I have seen some great work from you all. High five everyone!

Great maths Hayden, working very hard!
Well done on completing the challenge Hayden!
Excellent maths stories Hayden
Great sentence work Hayden!
Great work Hayden super phonics!
Great sentence work Hayden!
Super literacy work Robyn
Great maths work Robyn!
Super phonics work Robyn!
Very good reading and writing Robyn.
Very good sound work Robyn!
Super spelling Robyn!
Some excellent work Robyn!
Great work Robyn!
lovely writing Robyn!
Super maths work  Robyn!
super counting Robyn!
Amazing mathematics Robyn!
Lovely work Robyn well done with your maths!
Great sentence work Robyn!
Super telescope Robyn!
Lots of great work Robyn!
Excellent phonics Robyn!
Great sentence writing Robyn!
Fantastic writing here Lucas!
some great writing Lucas!
Lovely sentence work Lucas!
Great number line Lucas, very good!
Excellent butterfly Lucas!
Great literacy Lucas!
Great postcard writing Lucas!
Lovely sentence work Lucas!
Excellent number work Lucas!
Excellent number work Alfie!
Alfie great number ordering!
Great number formation Alfie!
Super maths challenge today Oliwia and Lily!
Super counting Oliwia!!
Working very hard with maths Oliwia!
Some super counting Oliwia!
Great number work and lovely writing Oliwia!
Great phonics sebastian!
Great work Sebastian!
Working very hard Sebastian!
Super learning Sebastian!
Great reading Sebastian!
very good shape work Sebastian!
Great writing Sebastian and super writing grip!
Lots of great learning Sebastian!
Very good tricky word work Sebastian!
Excellent writing Sebastian!
Lovely colouring and reading Sebastian!
Excellent tricky word reading!
Great counting Sebastian!
Great number work Sebastian!