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Spring 2 2022 Puddles and Rainbows topic

This mini project teaches children about the weather that happens during spring and allows them to explore natural phenomena, including rainbows. It supports them to explore colour in the natural world.

Our Puddles and Rainbows topic photo album

Engage week

We began our topic with a welly walk, we  set up obstacles along the way, this included the wind today! 

We had a great time, and we even found a giant puddle on our playground to walk and splash in!!

Our Welly Walk!

We went outside and spotted a rainbow!

It even snowed this week! we had fun exploring the snow too.

We have been learning I can sing a rainbow in music this week. We have been using our singing hands to sign. Great singing F2!

We have been building storm chasing vehicles

Develop week 1

This week our book focus was Wakey Wakey! and Its not a daffodil. We have been learning about the animals waking up in readiness for spring, after their hibernation, and we have been exploring spring flowers.  

Our children have had an exciting time exploring all the activities this week

We made cornflake nest cakes. We followed a recipe by using our phonic knowledge to read the instructions!

Science week: We have been learning about hedgehogs by asking questions, making clay hedgehogs and working in teams and making nests for our hedgehog's Some of our nests even had water and food added!! Well done F2!