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British Science Week - Balancing Butterflies Investigation

Uses of Materials


In this unit, we teach children about the uses of everyday materials and how materials' properties make them suitable or unsuitable for specific purposes. They begin to explore how materials can be changed. There's lots of exciting investigations in our materials unit - see below for lots of pictures! Don't forget to look at our knowledge organiser to assist our learning.

Which materials don’t mix with water?

Which soap makes the best bubbles?

Which stuff is stickier?

Can you make a paper bridge?

Which material changes the most? We investigated the properties of different materials.

Living things and their habitats


This term our topic in science is all living things and their habitats.

What do you already know about habitats from Year 1? Can you remember the different habitats and which animals live there?

We will be looking at habitats in more detail and how plants and animals survive and thrive in their habitats.

Do insects have a favourite colour?