St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’


Meals Knowledge Organiser

In the Meals topic, the children recognise when they have special meals and why they are special. Are the for birthday's? Do we have family around for a meal? 


They recognise The Last Supper Story from the Bible. They recognise the important parts of the scripture and start to retell the main parts of the story.  



Special People Knowledge Organiser

In the topic Special People, we recognise and learn how Jesus is a special person to us and lots of other people. 


We recognise the special people who are in our Parish family who have special jobs during Mass. For example, the priest and the readers. We begin to describe how these people are special. 


We also look at The Presentation of Jesus story from the Bible. This is where Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the Temple for the first time. Simeon and Anna meet Jesus and they already know how special he is. The children recognise the key parts of the scripture and start to retell parts of the story. 

Belonging Knowledge Organiser

In the topic Belonging, we recognise what it means to belong and how baptism is a special sacrament which starts our journey belonging to God's family. 


We recognise the religious actions, signs and symbols, linked to baptism. For example, wearing a white gown and the oil of chrism. 


The children also recognise and learn about Jesus being baptised in the River Jordan, by John. They then begin to retell parts of the story. 

Judaism Knowledge Organiser

In the Judaism topic, we recognise how important Abraham and Moses are. 


Abraham listened carefully to God and followed his advice which meant that him and his wife Sarah, were able to have the child they wished for, even though they were older. 


Moses led the Jewish people to the land promised by God to keep them safe. Moses was an important leader for the Jewish people. 

Families Knowledge Organiser

In our families topic, we recognise who is in our family and why we have a family. We understand that we are also part of God's family and who Jesus' family is. 


We recognise simple psalms (a short prayer or song) about God's love. 


The story of Jesus visiting the Temple with Mary and Joseph is important scripture for this topic of family, as Mary and Joseph want to make sure that Jesus is part of God's family. Just like we are! 


Waiting Knowledge Organiser

In our Waiting Topic, we recognise and learn about how an angel came to visit Mary to say she was going to have a baby. This story from the Bible is called: The Annunciation. 


We also recognise and learn about Mary going to see her cousin Elizabeth and she too, is having a baby. She also knew about Mary's baby before her visit as Elizabeth knows how amazing Mary's baby will be. This story from the Bible is called: The Visitation Story


We also recognise how it can be difficult to wait at times and what we as believers can do to help us. For example, lighting the candles on the advent wreath and saying an advent prayer.