St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’


Day 5: Home Learning super stars. Fantastic work this week everyone!

Lovely sentence work Elijah
You have worked so hard Elijah!
Hannah working hard with her phonics
Hannah concentrating during her literacy lesson!
You have worked so hard Hannah
PE Going on a bike ride
PE with The body Coach. Great job!
Super writing Hannah!
Super sentence work Tommy, Well done!
Excellent funky fingers activity Jaxson!
Lovely sentence work Jaxson!
Well done Jaxson, great work this week!
Great work this week Hannah
Great concentrating Sebastian!
Super sentence work Sebastian.
Super writing Lily in your phonics lesson!
Great Letters and sounds Lucas!
Lucas what lovely writing!
Super reading Lucas!

Day 4 Our Hard Working Home Learners. It looks like you are having so much fun learning. We are very proud of you all, you are all superstars!

Lily-Mae taking turns with daddy! Super.
Lily-Mae playing a board game snakes and ladders
Lily Mae reading her book on Bug Club. Excellent!
Elijah super science today planting seeds!
Elijah learning a lot about growing in Science.
 watering his peas, cress, sun flowers and flowers
Alfie completing his phonics task well done!
Alfie excellent ure and er reading and writing
Excellent phonics work Alfie
Wow amazing writing and reading Alfie!
Great funky fingers activity Alfie!
Lots of super reading Alfie!!
Alfie working hard with phonics
Alfie fantastic concentration!
Evie lots of super writing!
Evie amazing writing in your literacy work!
Super work Evie, working hard!
Hannah has written a lovely prayer at home!
Evie very good phonics work!
Great writing Evie, Super!
Evie having fun learning. Amazing!
Super maths Isaac 1 more and 1 less
Isaac learning about taking away. Wow!
Lots of amazing learning Isaac!
Isaac working super hard in maths!
Isaac's sticker for his hard work at home!
Lovely writing and phonics Sebastian!
Excellent reading Sebastian. Amazing!
Isaac's moving prayer
Isaac writing his lovely prayer!
Fantastic Isaac great work!
Lucas working very hard with his phonics! Amazing!

Day 3 Our Super Star Home-Learners.

Elijah's moving prayer
Elijah working hard with his phonics
Wow Elijah lots of great learning!
Super reading and writing today Elijah!
Very good Number work Elijah!
Lovely handwriting Hannah!
Hannah caring for her seeds
Great work today Hannah
Great science work Hannah!
Excellent writing Hayden
Working very hard Hayden
Tommy playing buried treasure excellent!
Tommy's Moving prayer
Lily-Mae planting with her family
PE on the trampoline
Lily-Mae working hard with her brother
Sebastian's  Excellent phonics
Robyn working hard writing!
Robyn planting seeds in the garden super science
Robyn playing buried Treasure!
Lots of great phonics work Hayden!
Great spellings Hayden!
Isaac working hard with his spellings!
Excellent phonics Isaac!
Isaac finding print from the environment! Amazing!

Home learning day two. You are all working so hard!!

Elijah's Letters and Sounds work
Elijah's 3d shape hunt tally chart. Amazing!
Alfie working hard with his phonics work!
Great reading Alfie!
Elijahs Pirate "ure" hat
Excellent writing work Elijah on your digraph "er"
Elijah great sentence work and lovely writing!
Elijahs "ure" Pirate hat. Great work!
Hannah what a super bridge for the billy goats.
Looks a like a very strong bridge Hannah!
Hannah's excellent "ure" pirate hat!
Hannah's Rainbow of hope
Hannah's Rainbow of hope. Looks Great!
Hannah during her Letters and Sounds
Hannah working hard with her "er" digraph work
Excellent phonics work Hannah!
Working very hard today Hannah!!
Isaac during his PE session Outdoors! Excellent!
Lily concentrating during number time. Great work!
Martynas working hard with his phonics work!
Super work Martynas!
Tommy working very hard writing!
Violet's Excellent "ure" Pirate hat!
Enzo-Lee working hard with shape work
Great phonics work Enzo-lee. Lots of fun!!
Lola's Super phonics works!
Beautiful writing Lola
Lots of great learning Lola!
Trying very hard Lola!
Jaxson working hard with number work!
Excellent mathematics Jaxson!
Jaxson concentrating, carefully counting
Great Easter Bonnet Jaxson!
Jaxson has planted Tomatoe and Herb seeds.
Great Letters and sounds Jaxson!
Lots of super learning happening Jaxson!

Pictures of our fantastic home learning, We are so proud of you all!

Letters and sounds our ure trigraph
Alfie working very hard with his phonics!
Writing ure words Excellent Enzo-Lee!
Great reading Enzo-Lee!
Enzo-Lee's Sentence writing
Great sentence work
Lily's Super rainbow Painting
Wow Lola! super maths working very hard.
Martynas ordering his numbers, Great work!!
Great number work Martynas
Tommy finding decodable words in his wordsearch
Elijah's ure work
Excellent Elijah, beautiful writing!
Fantastic reading Elijah!
Elijah Working hard with his letters and sounds
Well done Elijah!
Super reading Elijah!
Great letters and sounds Martynas
Good team work Martynas!
Great reading Martynas.
What an amazing "ure" pirate hat Robyn!!

Rainbows of hope

We made Rainbows of hope
We made rainbows to display in our windows at home
We made rainbows to display in our windows at home
We made rainbows to display in our windows at home
We made rainbows to display in our windows at home

Will you tell me a story?

We have had fun creating art work and writing
We have been asking lots of questions

making crowns

We cut out our crowns to wear to use in our play

Our Topic all about fairy tales. Will you read me a story?

We had fun choosing our magic sticks
Magic wands to grant our wishes
We used paint and glitter to add a touch of magic
We made gingerbread people
We used our fingers to create shapes
Lots of fun using play dough
We made porridge for the three bears
We worked together
Building fairytale castles
We were Rulers for the day!
We had to think of a rule for our class
Lots of wonderful ideas
Working together
Obstacle course to find the Giant
Preparing food for the Giant
Building the pigs brick house
We made hot chocolate for the wolf
We added food colouring to the sand for the fairy
We matched the buttons to the corresponding number
Counting carefully
Writing number stories
using descriptive language to test materials

The disappearing Gingerbread man!

We dipped our Gingerbread mans legs in water
We talked about the changes that occured
We enjoyed eating our gingerbread man