St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’

Owls work for self isolating pupils

Thursday 25th November Letters and sounds b revisited

Friday 20th November Phonics Activity, children read the sentence and add what is missing to their worksheet

Friday 20th Math's activity. What is the missing number that makes 5?

Thursday Letters and Sounds. look at the pictures and use your sound talk to build each word. Then write your cvc word down on a piece of paper.

Maths activity: cut out the numicon and match them to the correct number on your number line

Letters and sounds revisit the grapheme c, write the letter c. Complete first activity unscramble the sentence.

Wednesday's Math's activity count the farm items and write the correct number in each box.

Tuesday 16th November today we are discussing the different ways we can make 4/5 using ducks in the pond and ducks on the grass. Together we still have 4/5. How many ways can you find using the ducks. After complete your challenge worksheet.

Letters and sounds. Today we a revisiting our letter g and introducing sentence work. Say the sentence together, how many words do we need to write? Write the sentence.

In RE today we are discussing Hanukkah. In Owls we are paying particular attention to the menorah candle. How many candles does it have? Who is it lit by? Are all the candles lit? Make your own Menorah candle holder using handprints. When it is dry label your special candle.

Home learning Thursday 5th November

Number matching game. Match the numbers 1-3 to begin with

Phonics writing challenge

Phase 2 graphemes