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Spring 2 - Dynamics, timbre and tempo: Space theme


In this unit, children develop their knowledge and understanding of dynamics, timbre, tempo and instruments, identifying these elements in music that they hear and compare pieces by the same composer. They will visually represent music in creative and more formal ways and learn to play and compose motifs.

Spring 1 - Musical Me


In this topic children learn to sing the song ‘Once a Man Fell in a Well’ and to play it using tuned percussion, adding sound effects, experimenting with timbre and dynamics and using letter notation to write a melody.

Autumn 2 -  Orchestral instruments (Theme: Western stories)


Children are introduced to the instruments of the orchestra and practice identifying these within a piece of music. They learn how different characters can be represented by timbre, how emotions can be represented by pitch and how changes in tempo can convey action. 

Retelling fairy tales through music

Autumn 1 -

Our exciting first topic in music is: African call and response song (Theme: Animals)


Children go on a musical safari; using instruments to represent animals, copying rhythms, learning a traditional African call and response song and to recognise simple notation, progressing to creating their own animal-based call and response rhythms.


Take a look at our knowledge organiser to learn more about our first topic.

Replicating African animal sounds using tuned and untuned instruments