St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’




Who do you think you are? Are you an extrovert or an introvert, a singleton, a twin or even a triplet? Let’s discover what makes you you.


From your fingerprints and footprints, to your genes and DNA, everything is unique to you. So why do you look like Mum or Dad, or even Auntie Rose?


Explore the world of human identity and how our unique features can be used to tell us apart from others or help to solve a crime. Write reports, adverts and poems on the theme of identity and express your opinions, views and beliefs. Do you like the same things as others, or are your tastes uniquely yours?


Then, it’s time for some detective work. In the case of the stolen handbag, use your knowledge and skills to solve the crime and identify the culprit. And remember to love being you. Why? Because there’s only one you.


You’re one of a kind.