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Home-Learning March 2021

Monday 2nd March : Below is a copy of our timetable you will receive an invitation for the live lessons through teams.

9:00-10:00am Independent learning time 

10:00-11:00 Live letters and sounds

11:00-12:00 Live maths

12:00-1:00 lunch 

1:00-1:30 live music

1:30-2:00- bug club

2:00-3:00- Independent learning time

3:00-3:30- live story 




Letters and sound cut and stick ss activity

Building 9,10 (Comparing numbers within 10)

Wednesday 3rd March : Please log on to bug club and read one of the books in your child's account the more books they read, the more this will support their phonics work.

We are able to track our children's progress on bug club, therefore it is vital they continue to read at home, so they continue to stay on track with their reading and are continuing to make progress, they will be using the skills they are learning in their phonics sessions with us, and this is excellent practice for them.

Wednesday 20th January RE Live Lesson 1:30pm We will read a short story about when Jesus visited the Temple as a baby, who did he meet?

We have added our tricky spelling words for you to continue to learn at home. Try asking the children to write the one with the orange border, as these are words we learnt during phase 2. Any words children find tricky you can go through daily as we do in the live lessons.

Thursday 14th January Mathematics: We will continuing representing numbers to 5. Today we will play how many are hiding?

Assessment Activity: If you cannot print these write the numbers out and ask the children to order them independently without any help. Ask the children to put the numbers in the right order. How far can they order their numbers to?

Topic activity: Research and use the document below to choose your favourite fairy tale character. Draw a picture of your favourite fairy tale character, you could even paint your character, colour, collage by sticking materials etc on to your character be as creative as you like and then label who it is.

Letters and sounds today we will introduce a new digraph. Today it is ai. Join us for our live lesson at 10am

Mathematics: join us for our live maths lesson at 11 am. we will continue our work about composition and think of other ways we can group objects to 5 and beyond.

Remember to continue to read a story each day from your bug club account. Your child is on the colour band that will support their letters and sounds, as well as continuing to support them to make lots of progress, in their reading and comprehension. 


9:00 am target groups individuals will receive an invitation from teams to join our physical group.

9:30am Target children will receive an invitation to join our phase 2 letters and sounds phonics session.

If you do not get an invitation children to begin their guided writing activity, and have some independent learning time until 10:00am (Choosing time)

10:00-10:20 Whole class teaching letters and sounds

11:00-11:20 Whole class mathematics live lesson

12:00-1:00 lunch

1:30-1:50 Re live lesson

2:00-3:00 Independent learning time

3:00-3:30 Live fairy tale story telling session


Guided reading: Yesterday we drew a picture of Goldilocks. Today we are going to write about her. please read attached sheet for support.

Mathematics: We will continue to embed our composition with numbers 0-5 using Jaffa cakes today. below are materials to use after our live teaching session

RE: Join our live RE lesson and we will begin our celebration topic. We will discuss what we need to do with our balloon template during our lesson.

Today read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Following the story draw a picture of Goldilocks on your wanted poster, before our writing activity tomorrow.

Letters and sounds: Following the live lesson on teams please complete the activity below, children to look at the picture and sound talk each word using their robotic arms. Then ask children to read each word and match the the correct picture. Can they write the word?

letters and sounds power point from the live lesson

Have a go at exploring composition of numbers using the frogs or anything you may have in your home toy cars in a car park, or on the road. Barbie's in a car or out of the car. Teddies in a bed or out of the bed etc. Or use the activity below

Timetable Friday 8th January

Letters and Sounds qu activity print page 2, but please do not worry if you can not print this, just practice writing qu, write the word queen etc. I have added ng from this week.

Mathematics. After our live lesson we have attached this task for you. parents cut out the pictures and children to compare, more and which pots have fewer. children could stick the pictures on a piece of paper and write the number that represents the card. A challenge today is children can create a number story. for example 4+2=6 when adding the pots of pencil crayons.

Timetable for Thursday 7th January

Guided writing: Read Jack and the Beanstalk together and then discuss the story together. Children to then stick the pictures in the correct sequence and write a simple sentence about their favourite part of the story.

Letters and sounds: Children to complete after our Live letters and sounds session at 10am

Mathematics live lesson at 1pm: We will continue our number songs taking away, and we will be thinking about different ways to make 5 using numicon. Watch our live lesson and then complete the tasks below