St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

‘Growing in love, in the spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’

Friday 25th September

Good Morning, 


If you are joining us via Zoom today, our zoom lesson will begin at 9am. I have sent the invitation for this first lesson (which will be English) via Marvellous Me. You do not need any worksheets for this lesson. 


Maths will follow directly on from the English lesson. For this you will need to be able to access the questions on the Problem Solving worksheet below. I will talk you through it with the rest of the class. We will continue Maths through to lunchtime where we will complete our Friday Challenge too. Please find that attached below as well. 


At 1pm, I will send the new link for the afternoon session. You will not require any worksheet for this either. 


I have also attached this weeks homework under the homework tab on our main Y4 class page.


Non-Zoom Schooling

If you cannot access our Zoom lesson, you must follow the timetable above for the day. 

English: For this lesson, you will need to complete the rest of your story, following your boxing up grid. This is and independent write focusing on using fronted adverbials. You can use a dictionary etc to help you.


Maths: Access the problem solving sheet below. The instructions are on the sheet. You must work through all problems and check at the end. When you have completed this, you must complete your Friday Challenge. 


RE: You must use a bible or an online bible to find scripture where Joseph is mentioned. Discuss with an adult at home how Joseph helped Jesus. Write a thank you letter to Joseph, thanking him for how he supported Jesus. 


Take care and I hope to see you soon,


Mrs Waring