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Friday 13th November 2020

Friday 13th November 2020


Good Morning,


Last day of the week before a weekend to relax! Today's lessons are:


RSE: Today we are thinking about what makes us different to each other. Draw 5 different people of all shapes, sizes and genders. Think about what makes them physically and emotionally different. Write about what makes us different and why it is important to celebrate our differences.


English: Today you will need to use the plan for the last part of your letter of complaint and use linking adverbs and auxiliary verbs to finish writing the letter. Check over your letter to ensure it is all grammatically correct as well as punctuated correctly. 


Maths: We are continuing with Problem Solving including addition. Follow the problem solving sheet attached to complete the mastery addition work. 


Topic: Research the Iroquois tribe. Find where in the USA they lived and find put about their life. Write a report on them sharing key facts about the life of the tribe. 


Mrs Waring