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Speeches Knowledge Organiser

During our speeches unit of work, we look at a well-known speech which was made by Winston Churchill in World War Two, used to bring hope to the people of Britain. Our grammar focuses within this are the use of modal verbs to indicate possibility and knowing the most appropriate order in which to use adverbials. This links well to our previous unit of work, where we learn about appropriate adjective order. 


This links to our "A Child's War" topic.

Adventure Narrative Knowledge Organiser

Our model text for our adventure narrative unit of work is The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis. Through this text, we learn how to use semi-colons to join main clauses and how to identify the most appropriate order in which to use adjectives. 


This links to our Frozen Kingdom topic where we learn about the polar regions. 

Newspaper Reports Knowledge Organiser

In this unit, we learn about the key features of newspaper reports and how these are structured. The model text is a newspaper report, detailing the effects of an extreme cold weather event. Our grammar focuses are the use of indefinite pronouns to refer to general groups and reported speech. 


This links to our Frozen Kingdom topic which is all about the polar regions. 

Historical Narrative Knowledge Organiser

In our historical narrative unit of work, we use the text Street Child by Berlie Doherty to learn about the structure of these types of narratives. We focus on the use of expanded noun phrases to add flair to our descriptions, and knowing when and how to omit relative pronouns in relative clauses. 


This links to our Revolution topic - all about the Victorian era. 

Biographies Knowledge Organiser

In our biographies unit of work, we use a model text about Charles Dickens to learn about the common features of biographies and how to use our key grammar focuses: subordinating conjunctions and passive voice. 


This links to our Revolution topic where we learn all about the Victorian era.