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Primary School and Nursery

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Superhero Story Knowledge Organiser

The children learn about the story Supertato and how he saves the other vegetables from the evil pea! This is a great superhero story. 


The children shared write their version of the story, with the teacher and then complete an independent version of the story. 


This links really well with the topic Superheroes, where we learn about lots of real life superheroes! 

The Space Non-Chronological Report Knowledge Organiser

In the non-chronological unit of writing the children create their reports all about space. This is really exciting as it links perfectly with the Moon Zoom topic. Children are able to develop their grammar skills, using precise and topic appropriate vocabulary. 


The grammar foci for this unit is: proper noun, adjectives and plurals. 


In this English unit, we learn about the adventure story, The Queen's Knickers. This is a fabulous story and great fun to read! 


The grammar foci for this unit of learning is: nouns, adjectives, verbs and pronouns. 


The children have some fabulous adjectives to describe the Queen and her fabulous jewels! This links really well with our topic Bright Lights Big City, where we learn about London and Queen Elizabeth II. 

Little Red Riding Hood Knowledge Organiser

In Traditional tales, we learnt about the Story of Little Red Riding Hood. We shared wrote the story together and then the children wrote their own version of the story for independent writing. 


The grammar foci for this unit is: capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


This is a lovely traditional tale to start the year and a familiar story for the majority of the children in class.