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Easter Home Learning Photos

Easter Holiday work, lots of super home learning! Well done!!

Fantastic rainbows Elee and Stevie
Lots of great reading Elee!
Super writing Elee
Elee well done, great writing!
Elee making grass vegetables for mummy!
Lots of great writing Elee!
Wow Hayden, Super!
Great continued phonics work Hayden!
Looks Great fun Hayden!
Hayden experimenting with colours.
Hayden mixing colours
Super science Hayden learning lots!
Looks great fun Hayden!!
Wow Hayden, lots of number problems!
Great writing Hayden, so happy with your work!
Super number work!
Fantastic art and maths Hayden!
Trying so hard with your letters and sounds!
Hayden using his number resources Excellent!
Hayden excellent RE work!
Hayden's Easter story!
Hayden writing the Easter story! Fantastic!
Great funky fingers cutting activity Hayden!
Lots of super work Hayden during Easter!
Great score Hayden with your Maths Factor!
Hayden's Rainbow Scavenger Hunt
Wow Hayden Excellent!
Brilliant Hayden!
Great egg designing Hayden!
Excellent phonics work Hayden!
well done Hayden very good reading!
Hayden's science activity growing seeds
Excellent score and time Hayden!
Fantastic Hayden!
Super sentence work Hayden, wonderful!
Great work Hayden!
Great map Jaxson I like it!
Excellent phonics Jaxson!
Great work continuing your phonics work Jaxson
Super reading work Jaxson
Excellent, a lovely piece of work Jaxson
Sebastian on his Easter Egg Hunt!
Which way now Sebastian?
Sebastian on his Easter Egg hunt!
Sebastian is finding his clues.
Wow how exciting Sebastian!
Great maths for SuperTato Sebastian
This looks great fun Sebastian!
Great Easter writing Sebastian
Sebastian working hard with his writing!
Sebastian bug hunting.
Sebastian beginning his bug investigation
Sebastian has found a snail
Great maths work over Easter Sebastian!
you are very brave Sebastian!
Sebastian has found a slug
Sebastian what a great start to our new Topic!!
Excellent writing Jaxson
Working very hard over the Easter holidays Jaxson
Excellent Jaxson, lots of super learning!
Great number work Jaxson
Jaxson investigating our new topic, Great!
Jaxson working hard with his phonics work!
Jaxson taking his daily exercise, Great!

Easter Super star home learners

Excellent writing Hayden!
This is super work Hayden, Excellent!
Love your topic homework Hayden well done!
Great work Hayden!
Beautiful handwriting Hayden, great work!
Excellent Hayden!
Lots of great work Hayden!
Super, trying very hard!
Great work Hayden and very neat!
Great drawing Hayden and labeling!
Great Maths Factor work Hayden!
Lots of great learning happening Hayden!
Great score! very proud of you!
Great maths Hayden!
Great phonics Lily!
Super writing Lily very proud of you!
Super writing Lily, well done!
Lots of different number combinations Hayden!
Lots of great mathematics Hayden!
Excellent Hayden they look yummy!