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Art & D.T

Structures - roundhouse

Strengthening structures

Strengthening Structures


Again, linking to our tribal tales topic, we will be building a roundhouse. Throughout this design and technology topic, we will learn how to strengthen our structures and making them more stable.

Clay beakers

Clay beakers


To link with our topic of tribal tales, this half term, we will be learning how to make clay beakers like the Bell Beaker folk would have done. We will be looking at the repeating patterns that were used during the Bronze Age and some of the materials they would have used to make those patterns. We will then be leaving our pots to dry in a method called 'Earthenware'.

Monet - Waterlillies


This half term, we will be working hard to recreate Monet's 'waterlillies' painting. Through a series of lessons we will; learn some facts about Monet, how to create a background wash, how to show tone and texture through sketching a waterlilly and which is the appropriate brush to choose when painting.